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Thursday, July 05, 2012

The actions

I read about the incident with the aid in the bus that was bullied in New York and saw how much love is there for her an her situation, I realize that people as individual are a different action than a group or society, case in point:

Final operation 1of 2 Sequence
My code name in the Web is Acrolisx I am a computer Tech, this is about Paula Seltzer a 59 years old shy, proud and remarkable women whom has gone through 12 years since the initial accident at work and a bad Doctor who misdiagnose an lead to her 6 operation in the last 4 year to her spinal column and knee replacement. Thanks to a good doctor, Doctor Salami at Norwich Ct, he was able to determine the real problem and now I feel she is starting heal, finally.

Her rent due the end of this month aside from medical bills with no help in site makes for a situation that most people will jump of building or fall to drugs or pressure to commit stupid action that they letter regret. I have see it with my eyes the struggle of the people, friends and neighbors whom trying to pay the rent and the evictions in the area which we leave. Paula will stay the curse and weather the situation, some say is just being stubborn, I can not help but feel the sense to help or at least care one that has gone through so much.   

If you can’t help directly at least pray for her or someone like her, I know the Creator listen to all and he is just very busy this days.

Your help will make a big difference in her life and my own to know there is still hope.
Final operation 2of 2 Sequence 3 weeks later
This is about the feeling of the community as a help to one an other or “ the strongest will survive” mentality, the decision is yours to make as an individual, but it does reflect as a society. 

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ice Green Tea

I came upon a mix for creating a great iced green tea that is as refreshing as the regular stuff and I like it better and cheaper. Like everything the the trade is work. But is not as bad if you do a little organization.

The secret to great tea is good fresh tea and technical know how, as obvious as this sounds the best place I found is a Chinese store were the section of tea is very large and every time you go there for just to check things out shelves are different with more products. If in dough or just do not have access to a real Chinese store, check my store or follow the links of the things you need to get an idea of the tea and you are looking for leaves not teabags because they use dust of leave compare to the real leave which not only last longer but yield a stronger flavor and give the control of flavor by the method of how long you leave the leave in the water which control the bitter taste that come from the stem or wax that is natural for all plants.

you add the hot water to the leaves no more than 3 minutes should past because the wax of the plant will start dissolving and it give the bitter taste to the tea. So you want to take the liquid out to another container were you can add the sugar or honey so to take advantage of the heat for proper mixture.

As you may guess by now it is a routine for me to get the details by experience for me there is no other way and I hope this help the people see the better things in life. So with that in mind here is the procedure.

You need:

1- Boil water- a boiler, clean pot, coffee maker, etc.

2- Tea or herbal of your choice in leaves not bags.

3- tea container- A French presser or Chinese tea server with a stainless steel holder for the leaves. I do not like the tea balls because the tea needs to move in the water for proper release of the ingredients.

4- container for mixing- pyrex measuring 1 quart are good for taking the heat

5- Spices- the sugar like Demerara or honey or cinnamon or fresh fruits to mix with the hot tea to help sweet or add a natural enhancer to the tea.

6- A serving or saving for cooling container- your choice I do recommend a glass or stainless pitcher. Please be careful with the heat it may crack the glass. I usually place the cool water in the pitcher and pour the hot solution in the center to mix more slowly.


Boiling water to the Tea container, wait 3 minutes. Remove tea leaves, add condiments (sugar, honey, cinnamon) to taste, wait to dissolve. Chill and serve in iced glass. Ahhh, refreshing and healthy.

As you can see it is not only fresh ingredients and tools but technical understanding of how to put things together similar to cooking and the result could be as different as your personality. A little love could go a long way too.



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Wednesday, September 13, 2006



I remember taking spirulina tablets for running in my younger days, I remember the reaction of my stomach as if a have eaten a raw hot dog and it tasted just as bad, but it work. Is that feeling of the second wind when you running and the rhythm is perfect. I found that spirulina help with that sensation.

It is very healthy for you since it acts a appetizer suppressor as it expand and help the digestion process.

You can figure it out, just follow the links bellow.

Home of Spirulina


Just perfect

Good luck


Saturday, August 19, 2006


This week I want to get my bases down. Were to find this things that we need for good health.

The Book

Prescription of Nutritional Healing:

If there is a book beside the Bible that every Family in this world should have is this book. In essence and more important a no nonsense way to describe the human body and what do we need to stay healthy. Herbs, minerals, vitamins and more in plane understandable language to what is it, when we need it and why we need it.

It is written by a doctor and a nutritionist, (Phyllis A. Balch CNC & James F. Balch MD), in a form that resemble a good house call Doctor with stuff love approach. You can read all about it at the publisher site I have the first and third edition and hoping the writer of the book make a website with the same common sense, mostly because the book has become quite big and I am lazy. Please let me know once you do a search what you think.

Puritan Pride:

A good place to get the herbs and vitamins to help you find the way to better health. Just follow the instruction of the book from above


Health, as I find out, is not a pill or a excise that you take and is over with. Is a way to look at what you have and what you can do to get were you want to go.

An example, I became obsess ,as my wife will tell you, with oriental mud dishes such as the famous Japanese “sand pots” and the likes for cooking stews, stock, and rare food. I was fascinated to find that there are alternative to the metal to which I was accustom to cooking with. Not just to cook a steak of meat but to cook it slow as to became so tender that you only need a fork at the table to eat it with.

As to the taste, Imaging a grill steak 3 time as intense in flavor than that of conventional cooking and completely done from the skin to the center of the chuck with no blood. Fuse the essence of herbs and spice into the meat as the taste of pork done in the fashion of a Hawaii pit cookout.

To my amazement this style of cooking is not only healthier but easier ( depending of the freshness and the ingredients). Easier because once you put the ingredients on the pot it slowly cook itself. A modern version of this oriental dishes that you can buy on the store is the electric “slow pot”. Use one of this to fix a “over the day” cooking stew (set automatic to be finish cooking when you return form work) and serve the stew over fresh steamy rice, either home cook or a Chinese take-out on your way to the house from work, this my friend we call comfort food. The leftover from the stew I put in the appropriate containers in the fridge for a even more tasteful meal. Stew pick more flavor when left to rest.

Is you mouth watery enough? All of the information that I acquire about this style of cooking I found in the net. Try for starters and check Alton Brown at GoodEats.

We are what we eat.